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Something Out of the Ordinary

When COVID-19 threatens the AVSI Easter Fundraiser, a greater desire sparks a creative response.

Meeting to plan the fundraiser

The Easter AVSI fundraiser organized by our diligent ladies from New England was quite a gift and surprise to many, both ourselves and people in our community. We gathered in February to discuss which item of significance we should create to embrace the true meaning of Easter. After much consideration, we ultimately agreed on the Ukrainian Pysanky Egg. The designs etched on these traditional Easter eggs are very meaningful and representative. The egg itself is also a symbol: with its never-ending surface, it represents eternal life. The delicate process required to make these eggs is meant to be reflective and contemplative.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic presented us with a challenge: how would we share our creations remotely? Should we even continue at all? At first these circumstances acted as a burden and possible dead-end, but we later felt a need to continue to provide hope and prayer for our community and Crecemos through our work. This generated a greater creativity. The eggs we were making symbolized Easter and the Resurrection and they also brought a more profound sense of hope to everyone in these trying times.

From one isolated household to the next, we found ways to communicate and figure out how our works of art would reach other people. A whole new reality was created. We made a video including each one of us working on the eggs to present our work as well as set up a simple system for people to donate, choose their eggs, and arrange delivery. It was fascinating to see that distance couldn’t keep us apart. With women from all over New England, we were all united and we all worked towards a common goal: to create a sign of solidarity and hope.

This was for us a simple and beautiful experience of how moments of trouble can lead to opportunities for joy and friendship, something out of the ordinary in these difficult circumstances.

Cesca and Sofia D. (and the other diligent ladies!), Boston, Massachusetts


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