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Lacking Nothing in Oklahoma

The letter below was sent from Matteo while traveling for a business trip. During his travels, he met new friends in the Oklahoma City community and was so moved by his encounter he wrote of it to his friend Enrico on his flight home.

Matteo with the Oklahoma City Community

Hi Enrico,

I have to share this with you. I'm on my way back from Oklahoma where I've been the last few days for a business trip. On Tuesday evening I went to the School of Community of the small community of the Movement in Oklahoma City. We met together on the campus of a beautiful local parish, St. Francis of Assisi.

I find it important to note that there are only five of them--that’s it! Having said that, while talking with them, I noticed that they do not have a formal structure or organization. They are simply five friends who meet because of an exceptional encounter with the Movement. Yet it is one of the greatest communities I’ve ever seen; great not in number or organization, but in the simplicity of their loving gazes towards each other.

Two of them, Andrew and Meredith Ochs, are a married couple; the other three are each married with spouses who are not part of the Movement. But because of the way they look at each other, the way they love each other and respect each other, it’s clear that “The Family” is the five of them. Some have family concerns that worry them, and others have loved ones who are currently ill at the hospital. Whatever it is they have in their hearts is shared within the gesture of School of Community with a familiarity that made me feel as if I had always belonged with them. Everything was there between them, between us! That is, there is a fullness there that makes you feel as if you lack nothing.

Hence the title of the Beginning Day came to mind: You Are Not Lacking in Any Spiritual, that's it! The truth of this sentence was before my eyes in observing the simplicity of their relationship.

I desire that more than anything else, such a friendship. Poor in pretensions and full of certainty that we are in His arms by the very fact that we meet in His name following our charism. This friendship made of His Presence is more than enough.

I am also attaching a photo with their beautiful faces.

Greetings from up in the air,

Matteo, Miami, FL


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