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He Awaits Anyone with a Simple Heart

Frederico shares his wonder before the encounter of a new friend with the Movement.

The community in Tuscon.

My name is Federico, and for nearly eight months, I have lived in Arizona. In these past eight months in this “New World,” I’ve had many experiences that have both touched and moved me as I witness the greatness and bounty of the Mystery. I wish to share one experience that has brought me to a new understanding of how Jesus is not merely the most interesting person you could know, but how he is a precious treasure for the world—and how, even if you do not know this, he will wait for you.

A couple of months ago, an Italian family who is part of Communion and Liberation was living in Tuscon. This family has four small children, and they hired an American babysitter, Caroline, to help them in the afternoon. During her time with the family, Caroline established a friendship with the mother and father. Because of the trusting relationship that was established, she accepted their suggestion to go to the CLU summer vacation. Caroline went to the vacation without knowing anyone beforehand, but she was full of the desire to understand what it was that this couple belonged to and why it impressed her so greatly.

During the vacation, the young woman literally “encountered” the movement, and, when she returned to Tucson, she asked to take part in School of Community, even after the family she babysat for was transferred to Texas.

And so I, Caroline, and three other friends in Tucson have been meeting for School of Community every week. I have been impressed with how, during these weeks, meeting after meeting, Caroline is changing her way of approaching reality as a result of her commitment to the School of Community. 

Last Saturday, Caroline and I were traveling to Phoenix to attend the Beginning Day. As we were riding in the car, she told me that in September she had begun a small reading group with friends from the university to study the tenth chapter of The Religious Sense

At first I was speechless. Then I asked her why she would begin something like this. She replied, “I understand I need friends at the place where I’m at--not simply people to spend time with, but friends who can nurture what is useful to my life. At this moment I want to nurture what I saw in the Movement, and so I have decided to offer the opportunity to study the tenth chapter to others who are at the university with me.”

I did not know what to say. This young woman has not had any structure or past in CL. She has never seen one of our many communities in Italy. And yet, by following her heart, she has discovered her need to share and understand the experience she had. I thought, This is truly how Jesus reaches the world. He awaits anyone with a simple heart.

Caroline, in my opinion, has become an authority. As Father Giussani said in the beginning day, "An authority is a person who, when you see them, you can see how what Christ says corresponds to your heart."

Federico, Tuscon, Arizona


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