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Experience, Encounter, Testimony: Anticipating New York Encounter

Davide Perillo interviews Riro Maniscalco

Oliver Niblett via Unsplash

What can we offer to everyone? Our experience. A life that, by the grace of God, is different. A life that, with all our limitations and defects, full of mistakes, is at least in momentum and open to encounter. This is what is most needed today: to have our eyes wide open, ours hearts and ears open, for us to understand that the other is a precious gift for us, as we are for them. It may seem a minimalist approach compared to the enormity of the problems that plague this country, but I think it is the only possible response: a testimony. And facts of unity, facts that show something alive and more attractive than ideological siding with one side or the other. . . .

Read the full interview here.


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