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David's Music for Father Giussani: "The Signs"

by Riro Maniscalco

Back in August ’98, David Horowitz closed down his very successful jingle-house business for a week (something unheard-of) and brought all his composer-musicians and instrumentalists, who were among the best in the world, to play a memorable concert at the Rimini Meeting. It was the first fruit of a renewed friendship with Jonathan, and the discovery of Jonathan’s friends. In other words, it was David’s encounter with our Movement, the encounter which eventually brought him and Jan, his wife, to meet people who became their very close friends--including Claudio Chieffo, Monsignor Albacete, and Father Giussani. I was blessed enough to be somehow part of this journey.

What I want to share here with you is really a gem. A one-minute-thirty-nine-second masterpiece, tender and intense, short and yet all-encompassing, like only David’s music could be. “The Signs” is something David composed after being deeply touched by the section on “The Sign” in the Religious Sense, a book he loved. It made me cry when I heard it for the first time, it makes me cry even more now.

This is the live recording from the Rimini Concert in August 1998. It was the final act of the concert. I jealously keep framed in our living room the score of one of the tunes from that night, “Samba of Rimini,” on which David penned, “To Riro, who made it all happen.” I didn’t make anything of it happen--his curiosity, infinite desire, and love for beauty did. I just loved him.

Now you can listen. Once the music ends, wait for a sec: you will hear David wish everybody “Buonanotte” before being flooded with applause.

Goodbye, David. Now you can play with the Angels and prepare the way for us.


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