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COVID: Good for Our Souls

In the time of lockdown, following the simple proposal to pray a daily Rosary brings unexpected joy to Sean and his family.

Sean's family

COVID has helped our family come together and grow in our faith. My eldest son, Jack, arrived home from UVA after his spring break in March. “Dad, we should say the rosary each night. We say it at school with the Catholic Hoos.” I nodded in agreement.

My four other children who were in high school also found their school closed and the seven of us were at home. We decided to say the rosary each night after dinner and the dishes. My almost-eighty-year-old mom who lives in a senior facility nearby found herself in lockdown. We could not visit due to COVID. She was lonely.

“We should call Nana and say the Rosary together,” My daughter said.

“We should call Aunt Terry and ask if she wants to pray with us,” My wife Karen said.

Her sister had recently undergone a lengthy surgery for esophageal cancer.

We started in the middle of March and we met every night, usually at 8 p.m.

“Its my favorite part of the day,” My mother would say in her thick New York accent. The Rosary helped her feel that she was part of a community when the churches and her home were closed. I felt the Rosary was a lifeline for all of us, especially my mom. She never missed a night. Her strong faith was a beautiful witness to her son and grandchildren.

Karen said, “The Rosary has really help bring us together as family. It gives us hope that we will get through this no matter what happens to us. It is great to spend the time together as a family with Christ.”

We had a lot of time on our hands; the baseball practices, track meets, and recitals were cancelled. Fortunately, Karen and I kept our jobs through COVID. The rosary helped us focus on how much we had—a healthy family, unexpected time with our children, jobs, food, and a community in Christ.

My son Jack said, “Our spiritual lives went to another level. We are completely dependent on Christ.”

My son Luke decided to go to the Archdiocese of Phoenix Seminary before COVID hit. The time we had together was fruitful for him as well. “We all need God, not just future seminarians,” he said with a smile. Our kids got along really well, and there was little arguing. The Rosary brought us peace, love and understanding. There was a lot of hugs, pats on the back, and high fives from my son Ben who encouraged all of us in our faith.

“Pops, COVID is the best thing for our souls.”

I saw my daughters’ beautiful faith. They didn’t despair like some of their teenage friends. “The Rosary is chill, dad.” My youngest daughter Meghan said. She enjoyed sitting around the family room in her sweats and blankets praying and hugging her sister Amanda.

My wife Karen works as a physical therapist at the local hospital, which had a surge in COVID patients in the summer. She had to treat many patients with COVID. Thankfully, Karen never got COVID. “I felt like the Rosary was a source of peace and eased my mind that, whatever happened at work, I was in God’s hands.” Although several of her colleagues caught COVID, Karen has been healthy.

Karen and I came together as one because of the Rosary. We had more heart-to-heart talks. Her mother and sister were dealing with cancer, surgeries, and chemo. We supported each other. We had not really said the Rosary as a family too much before COVID.

I am grateful for COVID and how we have become closer to Christ and brought His presence to our community. My son Ben was right, COVID is good for our souls.

Sean, Scottsdale, Arizona


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