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A Part of Who I Am

Living as an "empty nester," Doreen seems to have everything she needs right now. And yet, there is this longing for more.

Doreen and her husband

The work and method of School of Community is becoming a part of who I am. Over the past few years it has been a struggle for me to make judgments, but our local community has grown together in supporting each other in doing the work and sharing God’s presence in our daily lives. It is bearing fruit.

Sunday was Valentine’s Day. My husband (of forty-three years) and I exchanged cards and spent much of the sunny, minus-20-degree day by the fireplace in our family room reading. We are empty nesters! For dinner I prepared one of my husband’s favorite meals. While it was baking he came into the kitchen and surprised me by playing “our song,” wrapped me in his arms, and danced with me.

As we were dancing, I thought of how our lives are, at the moment, without any serious drama, and how very comfortable we are. But at the same time I recognized a deep longing in me for something more. It was like God was showing me that even in this beautiful moment, there was still a desire in me that I/we could not satisfy.

I gave the moment, the emptiness to Him, asking Him to fill it. As the song ended, I could see that the gift of knowing His desire to fulfill me was one I likely would not have recognized or asked for had I not shared in doing the work with our School of Community. Because of this charism I knew where to turn.

Doreen, Fargo, North Dakota


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